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~Forum Counsuling , To Keep The Peace~ Empty ~Forum Counsuling , To Keep The Peace~

Post by Admin on Wed Dec 30, 2009 6:06 am

Hi,I want you to know that we want all of you to have fun and all be friends.So I created this topic ,because when people argue or have any problem,just come here,and maybe the mods and me can solve it.I want us all to be friends,I mean why did we create this forum?to make our selves admins and rule everything.No,we made it so everyone could have fun and make new friends.I mean me myself have 5 new friends and I'm always busy,but you can come whenever you want,so you may have 10 new friends or even more.But,if you created a hate topic to tell that you hate this person or thing,or anything or person hates you or you are lonely,don't ,just talk to everyone and try to make new friends.So,please instead of creating a topic that sometimes we can't see,just come over here and we'll see what we can do.I hope you all agree,and to make sure, all of you reply here and tell me if you agree.If you don't agree and you have a problem with this idea, kindly message me or tell me here.Thank you.

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